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    Oxfordshire Lodge of
Installed Masters No. 7770
Welcome to the Web Site of the Oxfordshire Lodge of Installed Masters No 7770. We hope you find this site and its contents interesting.
The Oxfordshire Lodge of Installed Masters was Consecrated on 16th October 1961.
As of 2017 we will be meeting and dining primarily at Cardinal House, the new Oxford Masonic Centre in Baldon Lane, Marsh Baldon, Oxford OX44 9LT. We also occasionally meet at other Masonic centres around the Province of Oxfordshire at the discretion of the WM.
An Installed Masters Lodge is, as its name implies, a Lodge for Masons who have been Installed in the Chair of King Solomon. As such, membership is restricted to current or past Masters either of or in Oxfordshire Lodges, however, the Lodge welcomes all Freemasons from constitutions considered regular by the United Grand Lodge of England to attend our meetings - you don't have to be either a Master Mason or a Past Master, just a member of the Craft.
We do not work the Ceremonies of Initiation, Passing or Raising. Instead, our Lodge Meetings give us an opportunity to take a further step in Masonic knowledge, via lecture, interactive talks and discussions, demonstrations or plays, all usually, but not exclusively with a Masonic theme.
We meet on:
  • Third Monday in March
  • Second Monday in May
  • Last Saturday in September (Installation)
We are a thriving Lodge with a strong core membership but are always pleased to welcome current or past masters of Lodges as Joining Members.
We take great care to listen to our members' views and needs and continually seek to renew our Masonry in an informal and fun manner while remaining true to the Tenets of the Craft.